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Tourists filled airports, sea ports, and highways in Greece on Saturday as the country officially kicked off its tourism season in the hopes of reviving an economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History reported that a team of paleontologists in Mexico have identified a new species of dinosaur after finding its 72 million-year-old fossilized remains almost a decade ago.

Prince Philip was laid to rest today in a funeral ceremony that honored his lifetime of service to the U-K, the crown and his wife of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth.

Canada's Ontario province records a record 4,456 COVID-19 cases in a day... the highest number of infections ever reported in a single day since the pandemic started. And Quebec province takes tougher action to reduce rampant spread of the virus. 

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In what has been described as the most important discovery since King Tut's tomb, a team of archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an ancient city over 3000 years old, the largest administrative industrial settlement of that era. In an NBC exclusive, Molly Hunter speaks with the Egyptologist leading the excavation in Luxor.

Big silverback gorilla dad tries to grab all the treats for himself after the gorilla family at the zoo in Berlin, Germany, is rewarded with Easter eggs in a basket of salad leaves.

Australia's New South Wales was smashed by heavy rains on Saturday, forcing multiple evacuation orders and pleas from authorities for people in Sydney to stay at home amid the potentially life-threatening downpour.

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BILLINGS, Mont. - As cities around the nation commemorate the 19th anniversary of 9/11, major changes have been made to local traditions, including here in the Treasure State.

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