missing bracelet 2

It has been an incredibly difficult several months for Robin Yewcic and her family after she lost her husband of 35 years to cancer.

For his memorial Robin had a special bracelet made to keep him close to her.

Since his passing, Robin has only worn the bracelet twice. Once at her husbands funeral. Last Saturday at an arts and crafts show at the Spokane Fairgrounds, it disappeared.

"It's more than a piece of jewelry. It's a memory for me," Robin says.

The sterling silver bracelet, decorated with a puffed heart contains her husbands ashes.

After frantically searching, Robin was unable to find any trace of the bracelet. A friend posted pictures of it online hoping for any leads or clues. But so far, nothing.

"I'm praying that it comes back to me," Robin says. "Praying that somehow I would find it some I would at least have part of him back."

For Robin, It is like losing her husband all over again.

For now, Robin continues to search. Hoping to find her bracelet, the most important remaining piece she has of her husband.

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