Student Directed Short Film Plays at Big Sky Film Festival

MISSOULA - A student directed and produced short film premiered at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival Wednesday as part of the Schoolhouse Docs series.

Browning High School students helped direct and produce Rising Voices, a short documentary highlighting their experiences about living on the Blackfeet Reservation through poetry.

"This film is actually one of the first times I've discovered poetry. It's really special that not only I get to remember my experiences, but the rest of the world gets to see my first hand experience, which is amazing," Director Breeanna Polk said. 

Rising Voices is a poetry club at Browning High School. This year the students directed the short film to share their poetry stories.

Students say about 25 club members contributed to the ten minute long short film. Four students directed the film. 

"As an indigenous woman, it's just like we usually don't get voices, so it's just we finally get recognized for something so positive," said Director Ali Archamdault.

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