St. Louis Superman

MISSOULA - The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival hosted a world premiere for a documentary about politics and racism in Ferguson, Missouri.

St. Louis Superman follows activist and battle rapper Bruce Franks Jr. as he overcomes both personal trauma and political obstacles.

Franks also won a seat in the mostly white, Republican-dominated House of Representatives in Missouri.

He said he never thought he'd become the subject of a documentary, but emphasized it's been a great experience highlighting how challenges can help you overcome anything life has to throw at you.

"One of the best parts about it is this particular film could have been about anybody," he says. "Taking me personally out of it and I would have felt the same way watching it. Just to know that somebody is out there doing the work to know that people are overcoming different challenges and barriers, and to know people are still pushing through, and then to know people are human."

The film debuted Wednesday. 

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