SHS matted shih szus

The Spokane Humane Society tended to a trio of Shih Tzus who were surrendered to the shelter by the owners in poor condition, and are now seeking donations prior to them going up for adoption.

The owner brought in the dogs over the weekend severely matted, requesting they be euthanized because of biting. Staff at SHS addressed the three dogs and found them to be active but simply trapped under thick mats of tangled, decomposing fur, and the owner eventually surrendered the dogs to them. The dogs are named Candy, Angel and Katie.

SHS says the mats covered the dogs and was tearing at their skin whenever they moved, and their nails were long to the point they curled. On top of that they seemed to have bad teeth and hygiene and seemed to be in pain.

Crews at SHS decided to completely shave the dogs, removing over 13 pounds of fur before bathing them and treating any wounds or infections.

Because there is still medical work to get done including blood work, dental and any other possible health issues, the SHS is looking for donations on Facebook as each dog will need around $1,000 worth of treatment each and around $3,500 overall. After receiving test results, the dogs will be put up for adoption, which could take a week or two. All three dogs are spayed.

SHS says the dogs, though slightly overweight, have active, easygoing personalities and didn't bite anyone during the process. They believe they will have a great chance at a healthy senior life.

If you would like to donate towards Candy, Angel and Katie, click here for the Facebook donation post.

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