Jon Tester

Fresh off his trip to the southern border, Senator Jon Tester is now sharing information he learned over the weekend in Texas regarding border security.

While the battle in Washington D.C. continues to revolve around funding, Tester says there's another battle happening along the Rio Grande where farmers and ranchers could potentially lose large chunks of land to Mexico.

"I was told in Texas alone that there would be 1.1 million acres on the south side of the wall. Okay, so that is defacto going to change where the border is for the country," Tester told KFBB. 

The senator says our immigration and border security issues are solvable, and there are multiple solutions. Some of those solutions include making it so that people want to stay in their own countries, keeping people from crossing the river, and making sure our Customs and Border Protection has the proper technology and facilities it needs to keep up with the high immigration demand. However, the biggest challenge continues to be getting both sides of the aisle to agree on how to move forward. 

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