BOZEMAN - The roof of a second gym at MSU collapsed Saturday. 

Roads surrounding the gym have also been blocked off for safety precautions.  

The gym has been closed since Thursday when the south part of the Marga Hosaeus gym and fitness center collapsed. 

On Friday university officials said it was likely the roof of the north gym would also collapse. That happened Saturday. No one was inside and the university says there were no injuries. 

Crews are investigating the cause of the collapses, but many are speculating the weight of snow and ice are to blame. 

A University report shows at least two other MSU buildings have had issues with snow load in the past. In January of 2010, snow load broke trusses at the Museum of the Rockies causing $10,000 in damages. In January of 2004, ice on the dome of the fieldhouse pulled down a 15-foot wide piece of the roof there. Damages were estimated to exceed $40,000. 

24 engineers have been looking at other roofs around Montana State University and say they are in good condition.

Montana state law requires roofs to be able to withstand 30 pounds per square foot.

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