Preparing your teenager for job fairs: What you need to know!

GREAT FALLS - Scoring the perfect summer job can be a daunting task, but the City of Great Falls is trying to make it an easy-breezy process at Thursday's 3 p.m. Student Job Fair at the Community Rec Center! Before you send your kid’s off to school this morning, March 13th.

First and foremost be prepared! Because the first impression is everything, and in just seconds an employer can decide if they want to hire you.

Job Fair Tips:

- Be on time.

- Have a resume on hand.

- Look professional.

- Make eye contact.

- Firm handshake & speak up.

- Have references & make sure they know someone may call them.

- Turn your negative qualities into positive ones.

- Know your social security number in case you get hired on the spot.

- List off qualities that make you unique.

Let’s not forget about those nerves, take a deep breath, be confident, be yourself, and know you have something to offer remember nerves are energy, working in your favor to put your best foot forward.

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