missoula valley winter air quality

MISSOULA - Weather experts say an inversion will be settling into the Missoula Valley in the next week, leading to worsening air quality. People who use wood stoves are asked to limit their use.

A high pressure ridge is expected to build over most of Montana on Friday night, causing a stable air mass and stagnant air over many areas in western Montana, according to the Department of Environmental Quality. The pattern may break by Tuesday or Wednesday.

From Sarah Coefield at the Missoula City-County Health Department:

"As we move into this period of potentially poor air quality, it will be important for Missoula County residents to limit their use of wood heat. This means using an alternative means of heat if one is available.  If wood is your sole source of heat, it is important to burn as cleanly as possible.  Only burn seasoned, dry wood and make sure your fire is hot.  A hotter fire is cleaner fire. (Hotter fires have more complete combustion and therefore produce less smoke.)"

Inversions leading to poor air quality are predicted for much of northwest Montana through the weekend.

Click here to check current air quality, or call 406-258-3600.

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