UM holds parent meeting for ASUM childcare

University officials speaking with concerned ASUM parents.

MISSOULA- Parents whose children attend a daycare facility on the University of Montana campus want answers after the center was relocated after results revealed the previous building, McGill Hall, had "unacceptable levels" of asbestos.

Thursday, those parents gathered on the UM campus to ask questions and get an update from UM.

University officials said while air samples now come back clean, it's the dust wipe samples that are concerning.

This leaves many parents wondering why their kids remained inside the daycare for so long. That because initial results were discovered in December, but McGill was not closed until January.

"I don’t think that you understand what we are dealing with as parents and this anxiety that we are having about this and that we have to live with this anxiety," said one parent at Thursday's meeting. "There's not studies, they didn’t go and do air studies on the samples, they don't exist."

Answering question after question, University officials explained that they've hired the top experts to cleanup McGill Hall and make it safe again.

"We have testing and air quality samples that have shown no airborn particulate matter but we want to understand it and we want to understand from experts in this field the appropriate steps that we should take moving forward," said University of Montana President Seth Bodnar.

With no concrete knowledge on how long the daycare will remain in the education building where it's been relocated,  UM officials continue to apologize, and want parents to know they are working as hard as they can to get to the bottom of this.

"We are sorry for the anxiety and uncertainty that this situation has created, what we are working on right now is making sure that we have knowledgeable experts to help us understand this situation and deal with this appropriately,” said Bodnar.

UM has created a website with information about the McGill Hall - click here to view it.

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