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BOZEMAN- Starting every Saturday through March, you can hop on a direct Delta flight out of the Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport to Detroit, Mich.

Making it easy to leave Bozeman whether you are trying to go visit home, a college student in a different state, or a trip to Europe. Now, Detroit has a lot to offer but the reason this flight is a big deal is that Detroit is a hub for Delta Airlines. 

Having a direct flight with access to a major airlines hub makes it easier to catch a connecting flight anywhere domestically and internationally. With a direct flight coming into Bozeman it’s also bringing money that was not previously in the state.      

“Well when we look at any additional seats into Montana for us here in Bozeman we estimate that each additional passenger generates about $1000 of economic impact for the area so anytime we add seats it means more impact and more economic value for the area,” Brian Sprenger Airport Director said. 

This flight is booking fast, if you want to take advantage of this flight you can click here and that will take you over to the Delta website. Each flight will have 76 seats available for purchase and will depart Bozeman at 12:15 P.M. every Saturday through March. 

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