Missoula city building officials requiring Fran's roof collapse to get asbestos test

A city sidewalk remains closed and asbestos testing is underway following the Monday afternoon cave-in of a building in downtown Missoula. 

Missoula city building officials are requiring the property owner of the old Fran's Secondhand Store to clean up and complete testing on the mess caused by Monday's roof collapse. 

"They did have a recent asbestos report for a water heater removal, but for the entire building that will be a requirement," Missoula City building official Aaron Bowman said. 

The property owner's employees cleared some of the rubble that spilled past the public sidewalk on Tuesday. But they can't clean the entire mess until after necessary tests are complete. 

"Once they get their demolition permit and asbestos survey done, then they'll be allowed to go in and start removing the rubble," Bowman said.

The owner put fencing around the perimeter of the safety hazard by 5 p.m. the same day.

Fran's is not attached to any neighboring structures, although Bowman couldn't say whether the other buildings on the block were at risk of collapse.

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