Midwest bomb cyclone stranding airport travelers in Montana

MISSOULA - Wednesday was a stressful day for hundreds of travelers in Montana impacted by the flight cancellations at Denver International Airport in the wake of the bomb cyclone. 

"With Denver being stuck and snowed in, we understand you can't control mother nature, [but] they're not gonna do anything till Sunday," Texas resident Brett Ramsey said. 

Denver International Airport cancelled more than 1,300 flights Wednesday morning due to the bomb cyclone hitting the Midwest. Among these cancellations are flights to and from all Montana airports with a direct flight to Denver. 

"There are a lot of people in our situation. I don't know if Missoula could've done anything, I don't know it United [Airlines] could've done anything," Ramsey said. 

He was visiting his son this week in Montana, but with the bomb cyclone shutting down the Denver International Airport, he's worried about his health. 

"I'm frustrated. I mean you can't do anything about it," Ramsey said. "You come prepared for so many days, and I'm diabetic. I only brought medicine for so many days."

One Alaska Airlines pilot said dozens his colleagues work hard to plan flight operations beforehand, and having all the hard work thrown out the door by mother nature is pain.

"With all of that grunt work put in place beforehand we do it so the cancellations are rare," Nick the Alaska Airlines pilot who didn't want to say his name. 

Flights getting grounded is pain for airline and airport employees, but Nick said for his passengers it's even more. 

"If there's a flight cancellation, it does pull on our heartstrings. We hate it. It's a thorn in our side for our work day, but certainly for our customers it's even worse," Nick said.   

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