BOZEMAN - Students at Montana State have to find a new place to workout after two roof collapses in several days at the campus’ Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center.

With springtime temperatures slow to arrive and many students using the gym to stay active or release stress, we did some digging to find local places where students can get a deal on a workout. Three local gyms - Spire Climbing Center, Gym of Belgrade, and The Pitt - were generous enough to help out students while their workout schedules are in limbo.

As contractors are getting a work out trying to clear the fitness center of snow, students have no exercise options available on campus. The university still has not confirmed whether February’s high level of snowfall contributed to the collapses or if it was a structural problem. Currently, the entire center remains closed as a precaution.

Inside the building sits a brand new rock-climbing wall, along with all of the facility’s workout equipment. The closure is causing some students to feel anxious, but they’re getting some help from local gyms.

MSU student Nathaniel Bowen is preparing for a climbing trip over spring break. With the center locked up, he doesn’t have a place to practice his climbing, though he says he’s been trying to stay in shape by doing other kinds of exercises.

He realizes things are worse for other students.

“I mean you just like, you feel pent up. For sure,” Bowen says, when he can’t workout for a long period of time. “I personally am very lucky because I can just go on a hike or something, just get outside. But like, I can't imagine [the fitness center] being your one outlet."

For their part, Spire Climbing Center in south Bozeman is opening up a discount for students affected by the closure.

"We want to, you know, support our community any way we can,” says Gym and Marketing Manager Ty Morrison-Heath. “And we saw that there was a need on the behalf of students that have been displaced by this bummer of an incident. So, we wanted to help support them by offering a discount."

MSU has not said when the fitness center will reopen or the gyms will be rebuilt, but officials are currently discussing the possibility of refunding the rec center fees included in tuition. They say that decision all depends on when the center can be reopened.

Here are the gyms offering students discounts while the gym is closed -- and what you'll save with the specials. Reminder that you must be an Montana State student to be eligible for these offers.

Spire Climbing Center: 25% off monthly prepaid membership (normally $95, now $66), OR waive the $40 student enrollment fee for the EFT autopay membership ($70/month). 3 min drive/1.1 miles from campus.

Gym of Belgrade: Monthly membership fee is now $30 instead of $35 for MSU students, and the enrollment fee of $30 is being waived. Will continue even after the campus fitness center reopens. 16 min drive/11.2 miles from campus.

The Pitt: 50% off daily class fees. Normally $20, now $10. This is a recurring discount and can be used as many times as you want while the fitness center on campus is closed. 9 min drive/3.9 miles from campus.

If you own a business that’s not included in this list but has an ongoing deal specifically for students affected by the gym closure, email and let us know what you’re doing to help out Montana State students!

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