GFPD short on police officers

HELENA - More police officers will be on alert in and around Helena during St. Patrick’s Day weekend to discourage and detect drunk drivers , according to a press release from the Montana Department of Transportation and the Helena Police Department.

Increased patrols throughout the state begin Thursday and will last through the weekend, according to the press release.

In Montana, those pulled over with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher for the first time could receive a DUI, a $10,000 fine, have their license revoked and possibly receive jail time.

In 2017, impaired drivers were involved in 60 percent of all fatal crashes in Montana, according to the MDT.

Those celebrating the holiday are encouraged to prepare safe and responsible travel plans.

“Making the right decision takes on moment,” said Helena Police Assistant Chief Steve Hagen. “With all the options of sober, safe transportation… people have no excuse for driving while impaired.”

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