Arnie Depping Montana Lottery Winner

Image courtesy of Montana Lottery.

GREAT FALLS  - A local man won the Montana Lottery’s top prize this week of $75,000, according to a press release.

“It paid off really well,” said Arnie Depping, who bought the winning Slingo Trio Treasure ticket at the Holiday Station Store on 1428 3rd Street NW. He had cashed in a few winning lottery tickets he’d been saving before then, but reportedly decided to use the money for a few more scratch tickets.

Depping said he played the ticket at home and was certain it was a winner, but went to double check at the store with his foster daughter just in case.

“I turned to her and said, ‘We did it!” he said.

Depping has been buying tickets since December, when he won $1,000. At the time, Depping thought he was done with the lottery, but that “something told [him] to just keep playing.”

Depping plans to use the money on newer vehicles for the drivers in his family.

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