GFPS students making planters for local food banks

GREAT FALLS - Great Falls Public School students are making and donating Grow Your Own Garden Kits to local food pantries across the Electric City. Here's why out of all items, they're donating mini gardens.

Spring means gardening season is just around the corner, and Great Falls Public School students got a head start as they'll be donating 75 homemade garden kits this week to local food pantries.

It all started when a teacher at CMR wanted to find a way to educate her students while giving back to the community.

So she came across a study explaining how children who come from lower incomes have less knowledge about where their food came from. After that, she got the idea of students building planters and then donating them to food banks.

"It's fun to give back to the community, and to get everybody involved in helping out those who are less fortunate,” said MacKenzie Quick, a 12th grader at CMR.

Carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and kale are the vegetables they picked because they germinate quickly. You won't find tomatoes or peppers in these planters because they’re root system is too large for this size of a garden.

Students and teachers tell us they know these planters are a hit because people keep asking for them every year.

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