MISSOULA - There's a new fast food option coming to Missoula, and it's setting up shop in a familiar building.

Frugals is moving into the former Dairy Queen building on Brooks Street. It will mark the seventh location for the burger chain, which is focused in Washington, Idaho and Montana.

The restaurant's menu includes a classic lineup of burgers, shakes and fries.

Frugals says the new restaurant will bring 15 to 20 part-time jobs to the Missoula area. A Frugals food truck will remain parked on the lot until the building opens.

Business development manager Tyler Clifford says it will be sent back to Columbia Falls once the restaurant opens, but it's not the last time Missoula will see Frugals food truck.

"Once we get this process down with the full building, we're hoping to custom build another food truck to have down here so we can go to all of the fun events that Missoula has through the year," Clifford said.

Clifford says the food truck will create another five to seven jobs, and the chain hopes to open several more full Missoula locations in the future.

Frugals on Brooks Street is scheduled to open in about three weeks. Application information is available here.

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