Cameras help referees review the plays that are to close to call. Without the replay system the outcome of the game might be different. But cameras don't just help referees, the sheriffs department has chosen the option of being able to review the work of their officers when needed.

Every patrol officer in Lewis and Clark County has been wearing body cameras for about five years. Sgt. Robert Kinyon says officers review footage when completing reports and during training sessions. Since the cameras were put in place, he says officers have gained a lot of skills.

"It benefits us like I said for not only our safety but for the public's safety as well. We can go back and see the footage to see what actually happened and then learn from everything that has happened," said Kinyon.

The cameras are used as an extra tool for officers. With that being said they only have one angle which does not always capture the whole scene. Officers also have dash-cams that can capture a different angle or serve as a backup.

Each body camera is about 900 dollars and that does not include the storage or software used for them

Officers say its an investment in safety.  

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