City asks the public for recommendations on updating Transportation Safety Plan

Members of the public and City discussing updating the Transportation Safety Plan

MISSOULA- City transportation officials and members of the public joined forces today to update the transportation safety plan that was originally adopted in 2013.

Officials say the first step to making positive changes will involve a lot of research.

"We are looking at, we have looked at a lot of data sources, looked at trends on what kind of crashes we have and how severe they are and try to identify three main areas that we want to emphasize in this plan to really make a difference in reducing fatalities and serious injuries,” said the City of Missoula’s Transportation Division Manager, Aaron Wilson.

 Last year, officials focused on reducing serious injuries and fatalities in Missoula by 25%, but the city surpassed its goal, reducing these numbers by 35%.

Now, city transportation is focusing their research on intersection crashes, non-motorized crashes, and high risk behavior.

"Any life that you save is a positive outcome for us so we are always looking at ways we can reduce those fatalities and serious injuries and the fact that we have been successful I think is a really positive statement for Missoula,” said Wilson.

After hearing the public voice their opinions on how to update the transportation safety plan, officials say they now have valuable insight on how to better Missoula streets.

"Our hope is that we have a really great set of recommendations on where we should focus our efforts within these three emphasis areas to have the greatest impact,” added Wilson.

City officials say they will have a list of these recommendations posted by April or May and that the public can see implementations of the new transportation plan as soon as this upcoming fall.

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