Vinecke Mugshot

Butte law enforcement arrested a woman for violating conditions of her release after she reportedly contacted her ex-boyfriend. 

Kristin Vinecke is accused of stalking and sending over 1,000 text messages to her former boyfriend. 

She was arrested Thursday evening around 5:30 PM after she reportedly violated a judge's order to refrain from contacting her ex. 

Vinecke's bond is set at $200,000.

The victim has a restraining order against Vinecke.

Court documents state the harassing messages started in early September. The documents go on to say Vinecke used a fake phone number to send various text messages to the victim; many of which included profanity.

The victim went to police with evidence starting in September and reportedly told police it was hard for him to work due to the number of texts he was receiving from Vinecke. 

Vinecke was charged with several counts of privacy in communication and stalking after she arrested in October and November.

Vinecke was charged with additional counts of privacy and communication and stalking on December 30. She posted bond and was released on Tuesday, before she was arrested again Thursday.

Vinecke's final pre-trial hearing is set for April 10.

On Friday afternoon Vinecke had not posted bond.

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