Bozeman non-profit that helps Veterans loses roof

BOZEMAN- Nonprofit Serenity Ranch, which provides equine therapy for women veterans, is trying to raise $300,000 after a barn roof caved under heavy snow.

The Serenity Ranch's double mission is to take in unwanted horses while  providing equine therapy programs for female veterans.

The owners were asleep in bed in the early hours of the morning last week when a barn collapsed. 

Thankfully no horses or people were inside at the time, although a hay truck inside the barn is likely crushed.

Owner Susanne Charter says replacing the barn is probably going to cost upwards of $300,000 and that is a financial burden she just can't take on right now.

“I really can’t afford to replace it at this time, so it does mean we can’t train inside and that’s quite important,” Charter said.

Charter says the roof couldn't take the heavy snowfall.

“Snow, it just piled up. Normally it slides off, but this year it just built up and built, and I think it was just too much weight up there,” Charter said.

But she said their attitudes and spirits are strong and staying focused on the mission at hand.

Over the last 15 years, they've rescued 20 horses and last year they hosted five veterans.  She says last year, those veterans all completed the course and said they noticed a difference in their recovery. The ranch also takes in women dealing with grief, trauma or abuse. 

If you would like to make a donation to help them rebuild you can click here. The ranch also accepts volunteer help, and is taking applications for patients for the summer 2019 therapy program.       

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