Blue pinwheels represent over 140 kids in Gallatin County affected by child abuse

BOZEMAN- This month is child abuse prevention month in Gallatin County, and advocates urge people to help out kids who may be suffering.

Driving past the Gallatin County Courthouse you'll see blue pinwheels. The 140 pinwheels represent the 140 kids in Gallatin County receiving services from the Court Appointed Special Advocates group in Bozeman. 

The Court Appointed Special Advocates mission is to provide consistency during a time of uncertainty for kids removed from their parents. 

Kids are removed for all sorts of different kinds of abuse.

The Court Appointed Special Advocates say if you see something, say something. Children don't always know whom to talk to. If you believe abuse is taking place, a call to the 24-hour abuse hotline at 866-820-5437 can be critical for their safety.

Executive Director Glenda Noyes said, “Depending on how well you know the child, if you can gently inquire about if everything is okay at home, and things like that, sometimes they will just share with you. And then you can make the appropriate report.”

Noyes went on to say that about 50 percent of children are returned to their parents after issues have been resolved.

The CASA workers are always looking for volunteers to serve as a consistent person in the child's life to this process.

If you're interested in volunteering, click here.

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