Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

MISSOULA - The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival headquarters has moved to MCT Center for the Performing Arts. 

Big Sky Film Institute Executive Director Rachel Gregg said the Missoula Community Theatre had performances during the first few days of the festival, but starting Monday festival officials are stationed at MCT.

Gregg said this location allows their staff to work together, filmmakers to network, and audience to interact.

Gregg said there's a lot of energy at MCT, that helps build excitement for the festival.

"We are screening films in the theater for the rest of the festival. We also have our DOCSHOP conference upstairs in the meeting room," said Gregg. "We have a filmmaker lounge here and various other things in the lobby; of course we're selling merchandise, we're selling concessions, so it’s just a hub of energy and activity that’s really fun to be a part of and that’s why we wanted to have the headquarters here."

Gregg said MCT is a great representation of the authenticity and character of Missoula.

Films will be screened at MCT as well as the Wilma and the Elks Lodge through the end of the week. Click here for additional information about the festival. 

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