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GREAT FALLS – The Montana Eighth Judicial District Court issued an arrest warrant Wednesday against a 46-year-old man for allegedly committing sex crimes against children.

 Willard McCaulou is suspected of repeated sexual and physical abuse of a minor across 13 years, according to court documents. Some of McCaulou’s alleged actions include raping the victim multiple times, physically beating her while she was pregnant “until she miscarried the baby,” and killing any animals the victim became emotionally attached to.

The victim was a minor at the time and throughout the duration of the abuse.

Authorities issued the warrant following a forensic interview on March 5 between the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office and the victim, who had decided to come forward.

The interview reportedly took place about two years after local pastors originally reported a possible sexual assault involving McCaulou in Sept. 2017.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

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