Arlee Warriors bring special message to state tournament

Montana's own Arlee Warriors Class C high school basketball team is earning national fame.

A New York Times Magazine feature profiles the team. The story also highlights Arlee Warrior Phil Malatare:

"During his freshman year, the team lost in the state semifinals; during his sophomore year, they reached the championship; last year, they went 25-1, and Phil played nearly every minute of the championship run. Just before the end of the game, someone in the crowd called him a redskin. Then, in the final seconds, he jumped for a rebound that clinched the victory. In his bedroom, he hung news clippings of his victories and defeats, for motivation, along with the cleaned skull of a buffalo he killed."

The story also encompasses the Arlee community, Indian Country's long connection to basketball and how legacies of poverty and genocide affect kids on reservations today. 

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