Volunteers. They help make the NAIA Women's Basketball National Championship a wonderful experience for the athletes and everyone else. It takes a lot of people and a lot of time to make everything come together for NAIA. One of the tasks to is prepare 480 swag bags for each of the athletes who are coming.

Alyssa Voeltz is the visitor services manager at Visit Billings. She is preparing for dinner for 750 people. 480 of them are athletes.

Every year, a swag bag is created for the athletes. With 32 teams coming, that is a lot of swag bags to prepare. Voeltz relies on volunteers to help, calling the volunteers "incredible people."

"When I realized this is just a beast of a project," Voeltz explained. "There's tables and there's just so much and there's so many boxes of these bags. I had five volunteers coming in on their off time, on times when they could do whatever they wanted to, and they spent two to three hours just stuffing these."

The swag bags include items that represent Billings, Montana such as a gift certificate toward purchasing Montana swag and a Billings visitor guide.

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