ZooMontana holds 23rd annual Rubber Duck Regatta

Sunday ZooMontana hosted the 23rd annual Rubber Duck Regatta to praise awareness of elder abuse. 

The event benefits Big Sky Senior Services and their efforts to prevent elder abuse for those who are especially vulnerable to being abused, physically or financially. 

Event coordinator Val Young believes the Rubber Duck Regatta is more than just a day of fun, it also helps bridge the generational gap from grandparents to babies. 

Val says, "We have payee services and that helps keep clients in their homes and so we have a lot of clients that can't take care of their money and finances anymore and they'd be homeless without these services so that's one of the things we do to prevent that from happening and we also do a lot of education throughout the community."

Big Sky Senior Services Prevention of Elder Abuse program is the only such program in the region that provides education about elder abuse and exploitation.

The program from today's event provides future funding for the program. 

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