K9 incident

LODGE GRASS, Mont. – Cell phone video already shared widely on Facebook shows a disturbing incident involving a police K9 in Lodge Grass.

The video shows Bureau of Indian Affairs justice officers during a traffic stop earlier this week.

The man seen on the ground in the video is Harris Redstar. Montana Right Now is told he'd been pulled over for a suspected DUI.

While it’s still unclear what led officers to put their dog on him, the video taken by Redstar's wife does show the dog's handler repeatedly commanding the animal to let go of Redstar's leg after he is in handcuffs. The officer goes so far as to strike the dog repeatedly, and it still won't release.

In a separate cell phone clip, Redstar is led away to a BIA cruiser to sit down. His leg injury appears to be too substantial to support his weight.

Montana Right Now teams are in contact with Redstar’s family. Redstar is in a Billings hospital where is he is still receiving treatment.

Our reporters have also reached out to the BIA to see if Redstar’s treatment at the traffic stop has been flagged for official investigation, and whether the dog has been pulled from duty.

This story will be updated as additional details are available.

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