Big Horn County Escaped Inmates

UPDATED: Date corrected in caption.

Three men reported missing from Big Horn County Jail in Hardin on February 8, 2020.

HARDIN, MT - The Big Horn County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public to be mindful as law enforcement looks for three escaped inmates from the Big Horn County Jail.

The men are identified as 25-year-old Andrew Parham, 34-year-old Anthony Castro, and 34-year-old Stephen Caplett

Parham is a 6'4 white male weighing 185lbs. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Castro is a 5'8 Native American male weighing 189lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Castro also has a small star tattoo under his left eye.

Caplett is a 6' Native American male weighing 198lbs. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

The sheriff's office asks the public to not approach the men. They are not believed to be armed but are considered dangerous.

The sheriff's office asks the public to report any suspicious persons or activity to their office by calling 406-665-9780 or any other local law enforcement agency.

The public is also advised to keep your doors locked and do not leave keys in your vehicle.

Landa Uffelman, owner of the Farmer's Daughter General Store in Hardin witnessed the commotion last night.

"Well I actually came into town about 12:30 last night and there was cop cars all over blocking streets, which doesn't happen that often in Hardin, so we kinda drove around to see what was going on and we saw the whole court house was surrounded with cops and of course you jump online to Facebook to see what's happening and saw all the stories, you know there was a jail break and the inmates escaped, the city was on lock down, people told to stay inside lock their doors, it's kind of crazy".

A check of records with the Montana Department of Corrections shows that this is not the first time Anthony Castro has been involved in an escape case.

State records show that Castro previously escaped from a holding facility on May 24, 2019. State records do not say what Castro was being held on at that time. He was sentenced to 24 months by Judge Wald in Big Horn County on December 3, 2019.

A check of federal records shows that Castro was charged with Assault and Assault with a deadly weapon in May of 2011.

Court documents state that Castro stabbed a man with a knife in Lame Deer in April of that year. Castro told police he stabbed the much larger man with a pocketknife in self-defense as the men fought.

Castro was sentenced September 13, 2012 to 48 months in prison after being found guilty to counts 1 and 2 in the indictment.

A check of federal records also shows that Stephen Caplett was charged with Assaulting, impeding, resisting officers or employees in Big Horn County in October of 2007.

The affidavit in that case states that Caplett allegedly assaulted a correction officer at the BIA Detention Center in Crow Agency and then escaped.

Caplett plead guilty to the charges on April 10, 2008 and was sentenced to three years in federal prison on July 18, 2008. 

According to court records the sentence was revoked by the 9th Circuit leading to Caplett being re-sentenced October 9, 2009 to 21-months in prison with an additional 36-months of supervised release.

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