4th inmate involved in jail break facing 4 felonies

Casey Leider

A fourth inmate at the Big Horn County Jail is facing 4 felonies following the escape of 3 inmates over a week ago. 

According to court documents, Casey Wallace Leider is accused assisting 3 individuals escape from jail. 

Leider faces 4 felony charges. They are Assault on a Peace Officer by Accountability, Aggravated Kidnapping, Criminal Mischief, and Riot. 

The documents state that Leider, along with Stephen Caplett, Anthony Castro, and Andrew Parham, lured the only on-duty detention officer into a cell, assaulted him, and took his jail keys. 

The men were then able to access the dispatch room where they handcuffed the on-duty dispatcher and forced her to open the sally port door. 

Castro, Caplett, and Parham escaped, and Casey Leider returned to the Big Horn County Jail, releasing what court documents say, "many inmates" from their cells. 

Caplett and Castro have since been arrested, and Parham is still at large. 

KULR-8 will continue to update you with any information as we receive it.

To view the full court document, click here.

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