BILLINGS, Mont. - Eighteen years ago September 11th was forever ingrained as a day of tragedy and remembrance for those involved in the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.

9/11 is a day Americans look back on with honor and respect for those who were involved in the horrible tragedy that took place back in 2001.

Not only do first responders come to mind, but also people who have served or currently serve in the military to fight against terrorism like the kind displayed 18 years ago.

An annual gathering takes place here in billings on nine eleven called patriots day to recognize those who served and who were affected on this day.

"Well today we pause to remember those American's that were tragically lost 9/11 '01. And every adult can remember exactly where they were when that happened. And we knew at that time that our lifes changed forever," said Army veteran Charles Noland.

Like Charles said a lot of people who can remember that day remember where they were when they heard the horrible news, but not everyone was old enough or even born to remember September 11th, 2001. That's also what makes ceremonies like Patriot's Day important when it comes to teaching the youth the significance of 9/11 and everyone who made sacrifices on that day.

Charles Noland added,"They don't realize the difference it made in our everyday life. TSA at the airport, how we travel, security at schools and court houses. It impacted our entire way of life."

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