Students in stands of game

Superintendent Greg Upham says students will no longer be allowed at Billings Public Schools sporting events going forward due to the recent surge of cases in Yellowstone County.

However, the district will continue to allow two spectators for each student participating in an activity during a sporting event, such as cheerleaders and football players. 

Mark Wahl, activities manager for SD2, says during last week's games 200 students were allowed into the stands. Students were required to wear their masks and stay socially distanced, but as the games went on, students were seen congregating in the stands. 

Wahl says he believes the students were excited to be together for a "normal" event, and he doesn't believe they intentionally disregarded the rules. 

Ultimately, he says, the decision to no longer allow students into sporting events was for their safety.

In a post on the Billings West High School website, a message from Principal Kelly Hornby states students are not to gather along the fences alongside the stadium or they could risk incurring a trespassing fine.

Wahl had no further comment on the possibility of a fine for students. 

This is a developing story.

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