Senator Steve Daines

Senator Steve Daines is back in the United States this week after traveling to China last week to discuss tariff concerns. 

The senator says the Chinese market has welcomed quality beef from the United States and the demand has continued to grow since being reintroduced to consumers there two years ago. 

But the demand for soy beans out of the U.S. has dropped considerably since the tariff war ramped up earlier this year. 

Senator Daines says his mission was to speak to his counterparts there, face to face and request that the Chinese government continue to negotiate in good faith with the U.S. 

While trade was an important part of the discussion, Senator Daines says the conversation also included serious discussions about Chinese piracy of U.S. made goods.

Senator Daines says, "The Chinese are stealing American intellectual property and using it against us. And we are continuing to press them on the enforcability side. In China, intellectual property theft is a civil offense. It's not a criminal offense. And they need to put more teeth in their laws."

The senator adds that he hand delivered letters from the Montana Stockgrowers Association, The Montana Wool Growers Association, as well as from Montana Grain Growers, in hopes of jump starting more trade between our nations. 

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