Big Horn County Search 3

The search effort continues for Selina Shelley Faye Not Afraid. The 16-year-old Native American female was last seen at an abandoned rest stop in between Billings and Hardin on New Year's Day. 

"This is not a safe world anymore. You can just be walking down the highway and you can disappear." says Cheryl Horn, Selina's aunt 

Cheryl and the rest of the search party are on day 5 of scouring the area looking for Selina. 

"Somebody is going to break. Somehow we will find her. I'm positive it's going to happen soon." says Horn

Horn says Selina's mother has already lost four children to violent crime in the past five years. 

"She is somewhere and we will find her. With all the people, all the resources. The resources and people are amazing." says Horn 

Big Horn County Undersheriff Eric Winburn says law enforcement have extended their search beyond the rest area to Billings and Hardin. 

Horn and the rest of Selina's Aunties continue to stay positive, despite their disappointment in Selina's friends for leaving her behind, allegedly intoxicated at the rest stop. 

"And the sad part about it is, it's mostly people we know that leave them. You know, you don't leave people." says Horn

Horn says both law enforcement and the community have been amazing in the search effort. 

Even the Hardin Bulldog Basketball team dressed up in red on Saturday in honor of missing and murdered indigenous women. 

Horn stays hopeful that Selina will be found. 

"I talked to her at 10 o'clock. And she was having fun, she was in a good mood. And something happened in a matter of hours, because her mom talked to her at noon. We were texting and immediately went to look for her where she was supposed to be. And they had already left. You know the search effort, please, people don't quit. But most important stay safe. Everybody needs to come home. Everybody. And we're positive Selina will come home." says Horn 

Undersheriff Eric Winburn says law enforcement won't stop until Selina is found. 

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