Rollin' Ritos hits MontanaFair

A new food truck has arrived to MontanaFair and it's hoping to bring a new gluten-free and healthier style of food to the fair. 

Rollin' Ritos is a fusion between Asian and Mexican food. They specialize in healthier dishes but the catch is, these burrito-like sushi rolls can weigh up to two pounds and are as big as your head!

They also provide Mexican inspired fruit cups, which are good for anyone with a craving for watermelon, pineapples, and oranges on a hot summer day.

Necco Keutla, the owner of Rollin' Ritos, says she wants to help people with dietary restrictions or allergies to be able to enjoy fun and healthy carnival food at the fair. 

"So really with Rollin' Ritos, it's just about promoting that like, healthier, happier lifestyle, really, just fresh, innovative, creative foods. We specialize in catering to those that are on dietary restrictions, those that eat ketogenic, those that have gluten allergies, or allergies in general. We can custom make any order to fit any of those, we wipe down continuously so that there's no cross contamination for anybody with severe allergies." says Keutla

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