License Plate

HELENA - More than 80 specialty license plates have been revoked under a new rule in Montana. 

A list from the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) includes 85 plates from nonprofits and other organizations that are no longer available to drivers. 

In 2019, the Montana Legislature approved a plan to discontinue less popular plates. 

Starting this year, plates that have been chosen by fewer than 400 drivers will be discontinued. 

Proceeds from specialty plates support charities. A Missoula animal shelter shared the letter it received from the state on Facebook. 

"We received some disappointing news this morning. We lost our License Plates...thank you all for the valued and continued support," wrote Animeals No-Kill Adoption Center.

The letter posted by Animeals states that organizations can reapply for specialty plates after 4 years has passed from the date of revocation.

The Montana Department of Justice which oversees the MVD, said there are approximately 210 specialty plates currently available for purchase.

MVD will review plate sales and notify sponsors annually.

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