Steve Bullock

WASHINGTON D.C. - Governor Steve Bullock vowed not to run for the United States Senate when he suspended his presidential campaign.

The question now is whether the governor can be swayed.

Politico is reporting Governor Bullock took a private meeting with former President Barrack Obama Thursday.

The website is sourcing an advisor close the situation.

Politico reports Democrats are holding out hope that Bullock will make a last-minute splash into the senate race. The deadline to file is March 9th.

Bullock advisor Matt McKenna is pouring water on that movement telling Politico, "As he has said repeatedly, there will be a candidate for U.S. Senate in Montana against Steve Daines. It will not be Steve Bullock."

But McKenna also says he has no knowledge of the details of the private conversation between Bullock and the former president.

You can read the full story from Polico here.

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