Former Army cook writes cookbook for USS Billings

We're a little more than two weeks away from the official christening of the USS Billings.

The ship made it's way into it's home port in Key West, Florida earlier this month.

But there's no time to waste, the crew is in the midst of training for replenishment system qualification and search and rescue.

Joy Mariska, a Billings resident and former cook in the Army, has a very special gift for the USS Billings crew members, her very own cookbook.

Mariska's cookbook not only contains delicious recipes, but also information on current and historic Billings families. She credits some of the book's contents to Bernie Mason, a woman who helped the YWCA write a cookbook in 1982.

Mariska says since some of the crew members might not get the chance to visit Billings, she hopes the sailors will at least get a taste of Montana culture.

"We're going to give these in the bags for each of the crew members so every crew on the ship is going to get one. I hope they all enjoy it and if they want to give any feedback they can find James and I here in Billings and we'd like to talk to them about it." says Mariska

Mariska says two of her most popular recipes are her lasagna and seafood paella.

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