Caught on Camera; Employee seen hitting and kicking dog

BILLINGS - A recent Facebook post showing a recording of alleged animal abuse is causing big problems for a Billings based pet boarding facility.

In three separate videos, allegedly recorded at Big Sky Pet Resort, a man is seen hitting a dog, dragging a dog by its scruff and even kicking a dog.

Isabell Quintana, a former employee, says they were trained to pull a dog out of the main room and take them to a separate area if they saw any signs of aggressiveness.

“We have these leashes and we’d put the leashes on them, and we’d make sure the other dogs stay away, and we’d bring them out. There’s also water bottles, you know, spray them with water bottles. You’re told to spray them with water bottles if they do anything like that," Quintana said.

Quintana says this isn’t the first time she’s witnessed animal abuse at the facility, which she says is why she recorded the videos.

“The managers have seen it right in front of both of us and basically told him to go blow off steam, and nothing was ever done about it. Once I found out management doesn’t care I was like, 'these animals don’t deserve to be treated like that, especially when people trust us to watch them.' So I was like, 'I’m just going to bring it to the authorities,'” Quintana said.

We went to the pet resort to speak to the owners in person. They did not want to be on camera, but did tell reporter Cornelia Nicholson that they had no knowledge of any abuse to dogs in their care.

According to both Quintana and the owners, the abuse in the videos happened last Thursday. Quintana says she turned the video into the police the following day. She says, after police contacted the owners, she received a call on Saturday from the pet resort owner asking about the video.

“If they needed a video, I told them the times and everything so they can check the surveillance cameras, and she just said that she would look into it and that’s all she left off with,” Quintana said.

The owners of the facility say Quintana told them she had not taken video of the incidents. We asked her if that was true.

"I said that there wasn't because for one, I didn't want to lose my job at the time because I didn't have anything planned after that. But after that, I decided I'm not going to work for here anymore," Quintana said.

The facility owners say it wasn’t until Monday that they saw a short video clip. They say the employee in the video was fired and they don’t tolerate abuse of animals in their care.

Quintana says she quit because of the animal abuse. She adds that she recorded the videos and didn’t stop the man because she was afraid of being injured in the process. She says she told him to stop multiple times before recording the videos.

We received a message from Taylor and Shawn Gregory, owners of Mr. Vincent, the Weimaraner getting hit in the video, and Roscoe, the Australian Shepherd getting kicked in the video. They say there were shocked and devastated to see the treatment of their dogs.

The Gregorys say they are grateful to Quintana for being a voice for their dogs. They told us they have contacted Animal Control, who was present during their confrontation with the pet resort owners, and an investigation is underway.

The Gregorys say their dogs are doing well and getting extra snuggles tonight. They're sending love to any other dogs that may have been involved off camera.


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