The bystander who jumped in to thwart a knife-wielding suspect during a deadly stabbing attack in Sydney, Australia Tuesday talked about the ordeal to local media on Thursday. 

Known now around the world as "Crate Man", Jase Shore managed to hold down the suspect in a deadly stabbing rampage in Sydney's central business district Tuesday using only a milk crate.

Shore says that the crate was the only object within reach he could grab at the time and he used it to pin 20-year-old Mert Ney to the ground until the police arrived.

"My initial thought was to keep distance between me and him and the blade, really," Shore said. "Or to try and get the blade out and knock him down with that object."

The attacker was accused of killing a 24-year-old woman in an apartment building before injuring a second woman, 40, who was hospitalized with a stab wound to her back.

Ney, who police said has a history of mental illness, was taken into custody and authorities are continuing to investigate potential terror links.

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