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HELENA, MT - As of February 27th, 142 businesses in Montana are licensed for sports wagering.

But you can't place a bet on your favorite team. At least not yet.

Montana Lottery is continuing to process Sports Bet Montana applications with an eye on getting locations up and running the week of March 9th.

Jennifer McKee with Montana Lottery says the state is still installing the infrastructure to make the system work. She adds that staff at the various locations hosting Sports Bet Montana kiosks still need to be trained.

In order to place a bet, you will first need to be at a licensed Sports Bet Montana location.

There you will be able to place a bet of up to $250 at a kiosk or you can place a larger bet of up $1,000 through the Sports Bet Montana app.

The app will only work when you are at a Sports Bet Montana licensed business.

In either case you will have to use cash or a debit card to place the bet.

Here’s a look at how the list of currently licensed locations breaks down.

Billings has the most licensed businesses with 21 locations.

Missoula has 12 locations. Great Falls and Butte have 10 locations each.

Helena has nine, Belgrade has five, and Bozeman has four locations.

The state will be adding additional locations as applications are processed.

McKee reminds betters that Sports Bet Montana is not internet based as internet gambling is against Montana law.

142 locations across Montana were fully licensed for Sports Bet Montana as of February 27, 2020.

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