Bobcat Stadium

MISSOULA, Mont. - Beer gardens are coming to the Washington Grizzly Stadium in Missoula and the Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman for the first football home-game seasons in history.

News releases from Grizzly Athletics and Montana State University Bobcats say game attendees ages 21-years-old and up can order beer or wine within the beer garden areas. However, attendees may not bring beer garden beverages into the stadiums, but they may bring food into the beer garden. Costumers may each have a maximum of two beverages per purchase.

This all comes after Senate Bill 247 passed in the last legislative session in Helena, which allows beer and wine to be sold to the general public at college athletic events across Montana. Local Democratic Senator, Ellie Boldman, sponsored the bill and said it could actually provide a safer environment at games.

"The studies have shown that as stadiums have been willing to open themselves up to well-regulated sale to folks over 21, it's actually reduced the number of binge-drinking incidents at athletic events," Boldman said.

The beer garden at the Washington-Grizzly Stadium will be located in the south part of the facility, off the concourse right behind GrizVision, east of the Washington-Grizzly Champions Center.

The beer garden at Bobcat Stadium will be located at the northwest corner of the stadium.

Director of Communications for Grizzly Athletics, Eric Taber, said it's an easier way to get a drink during the game, instead of having to go out to the tailgates.

"Everybody wants to have a beverage at halftime, and like I said, this is a really quick and simple way for ticket holders to come out, grab a beverage, and be back in when that 3rd quarter starts," Taber said.

At Washington-Grizzly Stadium, security will check the IDs of fans and then fans will get a stamp on their hand. That stamp will also be valid at the GSA tailgate.

Both beer gardens open an hour and a half before start-time and will remain open through the third quarter of the game.

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