The Lodge Grass Boys Basketball team won the Class B co-state championship a year ago. They've been impressive again so far this season, piling up the points on their opponents, even taking down Class A rival, Hardin. 
"We want to make sure we are always contending for a title from now on. These boys if they do it right, they can," said Lodge Grass Head Coach, Josh Stewart. 
Maybe more impressive than all those accomplishments on the court, is the work they are doing off the court to become better men. "Doing it right" to Stewart, means building the next generations of leaders. 

Stewart said he preaches to his players to always express their gratitude to loved ones who invest in them. One day at practice, the program put that idea into motion. 
"After one practice I started to tell them 'go home do your chores' then I thought, matter of fact practice isn't over until you go home and perform a chore, even if you already did one to go the extra mile," Stewart explained. 
Every night after practice, a team group chat lights up. Each player is letting his teammates and coaches know what chore they performed for their family, symbolizing that practice is now officially over. 
"It really builds character with us and our teammates so I think it helps us out a lot," said Lodge Grass Guard, Malachi Little Nest. 
Stewart added, "Going the extra mile does a lot for them and helps reinforce what the parents are already teaching."
There are plenty of good teams in high school basketball this year. But it seems like the great teams, always shine brightest when nobody is paying attention. 
"It makes us better on the court too. These are life lessons that will go on, we teach our kids when they come up too. It's just amazing and we keep that going and keep doing good every year," said Lodge Grass Guard, Damon Gros Ventre. 
Lodge Grass plays Forsyth on February 12th. The Indians are currently 9-3 overall and are second in District 3B behind 10-2 Colstrip. 

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