This summer, Aloma Jess stepped down after leading the Laurel girls soccer program for two decades. 

Enter Tom Maack, the former boys varsity coach, and father to star junior forward, Mya Maack. Together, the two hope to lead the Lady Locos to their fourth state championship in five years. 

"I remember in the summer he was asking me if I wanted him to coach or not, and I had mixed feelings because he's been my coach forever. I told him no, saying we would fight too much," said Mya while laughing. 

A couple months later, Mya changed her mind. Understanding her dad was the right person to keep the winning tradition alive in Laurel. 

"I think the key is what can she do to make the team have that experience that in ten years saying, 'Dad it was great with you those couple years, but we won those two championships as a team instead of me as a great soccer player' that's the bigger part there," said Head Coach Tom Maack. 

Mya said her dad's background with Laurel Storm Club Soccer made the transition an easy one .

"We show up to practice and know what to expect because he's been the same coach, saying the same things, doing the same drills and just gets us to practice the best we can," Mya said. 

While it may be familiar for the team, the father and daughter are still working out the dynamic on the pitch and at home. 

"When one player says Dad and the other has no dad here, what do we do? It's been a message we've talked about between us at home. When I'm a coach on the field, I'm your coach and at home I'm your father, but there's a difference between those two and has to be a clear line for the whole group," Tom explained. 

"He tells me to calm down, play the game. I'll just shake my head at him and be a little upset with him but it all ends up working out because if he gets mad, I get mad and I think I end up playing a little better," said Mya. 

What about mom? Who is watching all of this play out in the stands. 

"To watch the game and she's not as worried because nobody is there, but I think she's also relieved he's not yelling in the stands instead he's yelling on the sidelines," Mya said. 

Tom added, "That's the greatest part with Kami, she's a laid-back personality she doesn't get too high or too low sometimes she looks at me and says would you just stop?"

It's going well so far for the Maack family. Eight matches in, Laurel is undefeated and Mya leads the state with 28 goals and counting. 

"So far, it's been awesome. Couple times he's got on me but it's for a good reason."

The Locomotives get their first test of the season when they play Billings Central on Saturday .

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