BILLINGS - Passion and love for the game. It's what drives high school athletes every day and it's why many of us love high school sports. At Billings Skyview, a team manager has become a part of the volleyball team, and found a passion for the sport. 
"I didn't actually think I would get the chance to practice with other people." 
Those are Trent Wagner's words.  A sophomore at Skyview who discovered volleyball during the heart of the pandemic. He's still got the bug, and didn't think he'd ever get a chance to play. 
"There's rarely a time I don't see him without a ball in his hand last winter it would be freezing cold he would be outside hitting a ball," said Head Volleyball Coach Stormy Siemion. 

So what do you do when the sport you love, isn't offered for men in Montana? Last season, Siemion found out about Trent, and let him join the Falcons as the team's manager. 
"I have to kick him out of the gym now since that day," Siemion laughed. 
Trent said the chance to join Skyview at practice in drills has been a privilege. 
"There's no men's volleyball, I just want to be able to play wherever I can however I can... If there's anything you want to do in life, you can do it if you really try hard enough," said Wagner. 

Wagner is also a hockey player for the Billings Bulls. He said volleyball has now become his primary passion, one he hopes to pursue at the collegiate level. 
"I believe if I work hard enough one day, I will get the opportunity to play for real," Wagner said. 
Siemion said it's been rewarding as a coach to watch Trent progress as a player. 
I think he found something he really loves; he gets along with all the girls super well." 
Senior Brooke Berry said having Trent around reminds them of their love for the game. 
"We just all feed off him because you can tell how passionate he is about the game and makes us appreciative and lucky that we get to play volleyball because I know guys wish they could play, and Trent is one of those kids," said Berry. 
Seeing a guy in a gym with the volleyball team isn't something you see every day. But up on the hill, the girls say Trent has become a part of their Falcon family. 
"I mean he told us he would never date a volleyball girl because he doesn't want them to be better than him it's this joke, we have but he's definitely part of our family here and it's awesome having him," Berry said. 
Trent added, "I really see them as annoying sisters. I get asked from friends if I'm trying to go out with any of them and I say 'I already see them at least two hours a day I don't want to see them any longer than that." 
Trent said Billings West currently has a men's volleyball club and he hopes to start his own at Skyview in the spring. 

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