NILE Ranch Rodeo Finals


at First Interstate Arena at MetraPark

Team order of finish: 1. Bootheel 7 & Hageman Ranches, 2. Steppler Ranch, 3. Thompson Livestock, 4. Diamond 7 Ranch, 5. S Ranch & Dry Head Ranch, 6. Broken Arrow & Hageman Ranch, 7. Lazy J3 Quarter Horses, 8. Hooks Ranch, 9. Hamilton Ranch, 10. 6X Ranch.

Top horse: #110, "Annie," ridden by Garrett Severe of Lazy J3

Top hand: Brett Hagemen of Bootheel 7 & Hageman Ranches

Top ranch bronc riders: Jay Phipps riding for Steppler Ranch

Team trailering: Bootheel 7 & Hageman Ranches

Team branding: Hamilton Ranch

Team doctoring: Thompson Livestock

Wild cow milking: Diamond 7 Ranch

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