BUTTE, Mont. - If you go to Jeremy Bullock Field in Butte on any weekday, you'll see the Butte High boys' soccer team hard at practice like always---kicking, shouting, having a good time.

You'll also see one Joe Phillip, often standing in silence, quietly observing his teammates. Talk with him, even briefly, and you'll find out quickly just how reserved he is.

And yet, he's a team captain. Joe doesn't need a big, booming voice to be a leader.

"He's definitely a little quieter than some of our past captains," Head Coach Cody Carpenter said. "But I've always told him, you don't have to lead with your mouth, you can lead with your actions. And he certainly does that."

"He's always looking out for everyone else," Carpenter continued. "He, being a senior now, has his driver's license, and he would give rides to the younger kids."

If Joe can help his fellow soccer lovers, he will. Before the school year began, Joe volunteered at Butte's summer soccer camp, and his enthusiasm for the sport is a big reason why so many people showed up.

But it's not all about soccer for Joe. He cares just as much for his community.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe lent a helping hand at his local food bank, handing out items to people in need.

Additionally, Joe is a member of the National Honor Society and a prospective member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. If Joe can find a way to help people in need, he will.

So why does he do it? That's just the person he wants to be.

"Being raised and how our coach coaches us, [I'm] just being a good person on and off the field, and being the man that you want to be when you grow up," Joe said. "Just being how you want to show yourself all the time."

Joe Phillip: a small voice with a big heart, constantly helping his community---and constantly on the soccer pitch, even when it's raining cats and dogs.

"There's challenging parts, there's always challenging parts," Joe said. "But the whole season and being with these guys for so many years now, I love it, and I wouldn't want to do anything else."


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