The lone returning starter on Montana State's offensive line Justus Perkins brought the rest of his position group to his media day interview on Wednesday for good reason. 

"After spring ball Army (Coach Armstrong) gave us a Sports Illustrated article about the '98 Broncos and they actually did something similar to this, they boycotted the media and it was their idea of us versus everyone mentality," Perkins said. "It's something that has stuck with the group...there's a narrative going around that I'm the only returning starter, but it kind of discredits the guys behind me they put in just as much work as I do." 

The now sophomore center had current New Orleans Saint Lewis Kidd, All-Big Sky player Taylor Tuiasosopo, T.J. Session and Zach Redd lining up next to him last season. Though it was Perkins' first year as a starter in 2021, he's quickly owned a veteran leadership role where he helped lead an enthusiastic o-line through their first day of fall camp. 

"They're doubted right now and I think they have a chip on their shoulder and they know how they're going to have to prove themselves this year," Cats sophomore quarterback Tommy Mellott said. "Coming out here day one I think they had a ton of energy and played together super well." 

As they continue to play together super well, the group also knows that they have to improve beyond the starting five up front. 

"We need eight to nine ready guys it can't be a deal where we're sticking five guys out there, crossing our fingers and hoping nothing happens," Cats head coach Brent Vigen said. 

However, a couple of players have already made a good impression on the second-year head coach during the offseason. 

"Titan Fleischmann who no one really knows about hasn't really been on the game field, he redshirted last year, was held back in the spring, he's now 300 plus pounds," Vigen said. "Marcus Wehr who we've moved, he's continued to gain strength relative to playing on the offensive line so those are two examples of guys who I'm really excited to see." 

While the team is excited to see how they continue to develop this fall, the o-line is focused on embracing their identity. 

"You can't hide the fact that we are going to be young, we are going to be inexperienced at times, but we're going to come out there be a bunch of hard workers that's what we pride ourselves on so that's what we're going to do every Saturday." 

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