Greg LaMotte

Greg LaMotte comes to KULR-8 from Cairo, Egypt, where he worked as the bureau chief and Middle East regional news correspondent for Voice of America radio and television. During that time, Greg spent most of his time covering news events in Iraq following the fall of Baghdad to U.S. led troops.

Prior to his assignment in the Middle East, Greg was a long-time national news correspondent for CNN. During his tenure there, he covered such stories as the Oklahoma City bombing, the 1991 Gulf war in Kuwait, the O.J. Simpson murder trial, school shootings in Colorado and Oregon, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, police beating trials involving motorist Rodney King, the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case in Boulder, Colorado.

Greg says his most pleasurable experience as a reporter came in 1989 when he traveled to Montana to cover the festivities surrounding the 100th anniversary of Montana's statehood. Greg says, "I fell in love with the beauty of Montana and was deeply affected by the generosity, common sense, honesty, and the good old down-to-earth nature of Montanans. Being able to live and work here is a true blessing."

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